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Toyser launches its new website

Barcelona, 26 February. Since 1 March 2015 Toyser has a revamped website that has an outstanding design intended to combine clarity, simplicity and accessibility. The different sections are accessed through the menu bar, and they also have direct links on the pages themselves. Information is available on the following: the company, which this year marks its 30th year in business; the services it provides: precision measuring, topography, bathymetry and laser scanner, which are available for different fields of application: civil and industrial engineering, geotechnics, and architecture and heritage; its human and technical resources, a customers' section and news, among other features.

The coming weeks will see the posting of French and English versions that will contribute to the internationalisation process that Toyser has been pursuing in recent years. This will undoubtedly help to expose the company to new markets.

The new website, with a clear and intuitive structure, provides written text and graphic information, which will soon be accompanied by video format. The website has been designed and programmed to automatically adapt to the various devices that can be used to access it: computer screen, tablet or smartphone. All this can be done while maintaining its appeal and accessibility.

Toyser is opening up a new channel to improve and increase the information it provides to its customers; it introduces its new management team, the services it renders, and the human and technical resources it can deploy to meet any need that may arise.

Some of the projects Toyser has undertaken in recent years are the core aspects that clearly and practically illustrate its customers' needs and the services the company has deployed to meet them. This information may be consulted in response to a wide range of interests, such as the services the company provides, the fields of application presented by customers, or the search for projects undertaken for a specific customer.

Consistent with the remit of facilitating channels of communication with its customers and suppliers, the new website allows submitting questions that are forwarded to the main departments (technical, sales, administration, and human resources), which will answer them promptly.

Toyser, a benchmark company in the provision of topography services over the past 30 years, is working to maintain its positioning, and is now expanding abroad, with the help of new technologies.