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Drone mapping of southern Igualada  required a 1:1000 scale map of the southern area of the municipality of Igualada, the district capital of Anoia. The purpose was "to draw up a briefing study on general improvements. A new road. A new access to Igualada south from the C-37 road, at kp 64+400. Stretch: Vilanova del Camí – Igualada". Toyser was the company chosen to carry out this topographic work.
Given that the area to be mapped covered around 110 hectares, the decision was made to use a suitably equipped drone.
A prior step involved visiting the area to assess its current conditioning factors, defining the most appropriate flight parameters for the work in hand. An operational safety plan was also drafted, with its corresponding submission to the National Aviation Safety Agency (AESA in Spanish).
Note was taken during the visit of the existence of an airfield just over 2.5 kilometres from the operating area, so a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) was filed, designed to ensure all flights were operated with all the safety guarantees required by AESA and that the mapping work was also performed safely.