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Barcelona.  The new dock in the South Harbour of the port of Barcelona is a huge project that has been undertaken in stages; the first and second stages, totalling 3,700 metres of wharves, and a third, currently under way, of 1,150 m in length with three layout alignments. This third stage starts with a straight alignment, running to 126.8 m, as the extension of the existing sections, continuing with a curved section of 399.27 m, and ending with another straight alignment of 627.5 m.
In this third stage, Toyser was commissioned to perform high-precision levelling work and a standard topographic survey.
In order to fulfil its brief, Toyser deployed a topography team that included the professional technical services of an engineer specialising in topography and an assistant with a Leica TCRM 1203 total station, software equipment and sundry support devices. The high-precision measurements were taken with a Leica TS30 programmable and monitored automatic theodolite accurate to 0.5 and 0.6 mm +1 ppm in distance, which includes storage and data transmission systems.
The equipment also included an Amberg GRP 1000 track measuring trolley with the Leica TS30 theodolite for measuring the railway lines.


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  • 03/01/2014

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