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Surveys, plans and costing
All projects need to include surveys, calculations, and plans that fully define the building or engineering work. A key aspect for achieving this is to provide detailed information on the area of land where the project is to be developed in order to map the surface of the terrain involved both graphically and accurately (in terms of both layout and proportions).

Site management
The management of any site must have a good topographic survey, among other things, in order to be able to properly monitor the site's dimensions and monitor the tolerances in its performance. Topography also has an impact on other aspects of the site, which often need to coincide with existing features (layout of avenues and positioning of a projected bridge, for example).

Building work
The building work itself must be subject to sound topographic supervision, so that the process can be properly planned, taking into account aspects such as the planned moving of earth into or off the site. This planning always leads to a saving in both time and money.

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