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Barcelona. The customer required data on the morphology of the wharf's seabed, as well as its surrounding area: the new entrance to the port of Barcelona.
Toyser provided the appropriate bathymetry and topography equipment, as well as the right personnel for taking these measurements. The bathymetry was conducted with a 50% overlap between continuous sweeps, with the aim being to ensure the utmost quality of the data. The bathymetric survey was conducted over a surface area of approximately 115,000 m2.
The data on exposed areas were taken using a standard topographical system to complement the bathymetry.
This project involved the deployment of a complex array of technical equipment that consisted of the following: a GPS Leica System 1200 measuring station (reference and mobile); an Elak-Nautik GmbH multibeam echo sounder, consisting of: SEE 301185 sonar; transducer, assembly LS307, 180 KHz; Hydrostar Online software package; Pentium IV navigation computer, W2000, 160 Gb HDD, DVD drive R/W, 1024 Mb RAM, 17" TFT monitor; Ixea-Océano gyro compass with integrated motion sensor; Valeport Inc. Model 650 MKII sound velocity profiler for measuring sound in a water column; Coastal Oceanographic, model Hysweep hydrographic survey software for multibeam data acquisition, edition, etc; Model Hypack Max. hydrographic software for navigation, data acquisition, edition...  and a suitable vessel for the performance of this work.


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  • 09/01/2014

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