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Barcelona. The operators of the Trinitat water distribution station in Barcelona have detected signs of wear on certain parts of the premises. The company wants to carry out the necessary work for modernising, improving and refurbishing the civil engineering and the mechanical equipment, as well as the electrical installations.

With a view to undertaking this work that will guarantee the supply of drinking water to Barcelona, a topographic survey needs to be conducted on all the indoor premises and, in some cases, on the outdoor areas. The topographic survey on the indoor areas needs to be conducted in sufficient detail to define all the work that needs to be carried out, including valves, connections, sections, circuit-breakers and all kinds of specific features.

With a view to meeting the targets in terms of quality and detail, the topographic survey involved the technique of laser scanning together with standard topography. The result of the work in this stage provided the drawings that faithfully reflected the current state of the civil engineering, the hydraulic installations, and the circuit-boards.

Toyser's experience in projects of this nature made it advisable to use these new technologies for conducting topographic surveys, such as the use of laser scanning, to ensure the production of a highly detailed survey in a relatively short period of time.




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  • 1/02/2014

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