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Fields of Application

We find solutions for our customers needs on a timely and precise basis.


Our highly skilled professionals work with the latest generation equipment and software to ensure the highest levels of quality.


Based on our thirty-year track record, dozens of customers can vouch for our work well done, while each new project is a challenge that requires us to do our very best.


An open window for showcasing the solutions, projects, surveys and research we are working on, or which may be of interest to our customers and partners.

The Company

TOYSER, S.A. is a company that specialises in topography. Since it was founded in 1985, it has been providing public and private projects with the following services: studies, research, engineering and architecture plans, mapping, surveys, ornamentation, urban development and building. It also provides services in administrative coordination, performance, management, supervision, control, and organisation. Since 1998 it has been operating in several countries, including Algeria, France and Portugal, as well as throughout Spain.